Thursday, May 3, 2012


To break up the long journey to our holiday destination in Portugal, I booked an overnight stay in Osuna.
It is a fine town with many attractive buildings – a result of its long and interesting history. Iberians originally inhabited the town before Julius Caesar conquered it. Later, the Moors occupied it before the Christian forces of Fernando III reconquered it in 1239. Its period of greatest splendour, however, was in the 16th century under the dukedom of Osuna - one of the most powerful dynasties in Andalucía at the time. As a result, the town is endowed with a magnificent array of Baroque palaces and seigniorial houses. 
There are also a number of eye-catching religious buildings in Osuna including imposing 16th-century Colegiata that stands on a hilltop, a short distance from the main square, the Plaza Mayor.

Plaza Mayor

It was in this attractive square that I parked the car and we headed of for refreshments. After a short walk in a haphazard direction, we arrived in Plaza del Salitre, a café there served excellent tapas.

Refreshed, we returned to the Plaza Mayor and thence in the direction of the Colegetia.

Iglesia colegial de Santa María de la Asunción (Colegetia)

We then proceeded up the hill to view the church from a different perspective.

doorway of main facade of the Colegetia
Nearby is the old university, the Baroque convent of La Encarnación and panoramic views of the town from a vantage point at the front of the Colegetia.

University and Colegetia

convent of La Encarnación

During our afternoon and early evening stroll, we didn’t have time to see all the attractions but to see more photos click on the link below:-

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