Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Álava is one of the three provinces of the Basque Country. 

If you visit this area of Spain it will be no use you practising your newly learnt Castilian Spanish on the locals as they probably won't understand you - they speak Euskara. Come to that, if your Spanish pronunciation is anything like mine, the locals in other areas of Spain won't understand you either! 

Never mind! A visit to Vitoria, the capital of the province, should cheer you up - as long as you like architecture! There are medieval buildings, Renaissance mansions and attractive churches.

Plaza de la Virgen Blanca en Vitoria-Gasteiz. by Guyletsbuild (public domain)
Catedral de María Inmaculada (Catedral Nueva) de Vitoria-Gasteiz
by Zarateman (public domain)

If you are not a culture vulture you can console yourself by eating, as the food's pretty good. Some say (probably the Basques) that the region has the finest cuisine in Spain!

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