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Antoni Gaudí by Robert Bovington
Antoni Gaudí was a Spanish architect who worked mostly in Barcelona which contains some superb examples of his brilliantly inventive work - like the enormous, but unfinished cathedral, La Sagrada Familia; the fascinating Parc Güell and Casa Milá with its wacky rooftop.

Sagrada Familia 2012
La Sagrada Familia

He was an extremely original exponent of Art Nouveau who disliked straight lines as demonstrated by the wavy façade of Casa Milá. He used colourful collages of appliqué materials to add further ornamentation to the surfaces of his structures.

Casa Milá rooftop

Seven of his Barcelona accomplishments are World Heritage sites. They are Casa Milá, Casa Vicens, Casa Batlló, Palau Güell, the crypt in Colonia Güell, Park Güell and the Sagrada Familia church.

Casa Batlló - close up

Gaudí was born in 1852 in Catalonia. He died in 1926 having been run over by a tram and, fittingly, was buried in La Sagrada Família.

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