Thursday, February 23, 2012

Albéniz - Echoes of Spain

 Isaac Albéniz was born in Catalonia in 1860 and was a child prodigy. He started playing music, particularly the piano, from the age of four and, when only nine years old, ran away to Central America. He didn't return to Europe until he was thirteen! I wonder if some modern parents wish their kids would do likewise! 
Young Isaac played concerts during his absence and, on returning to Spain, continued with his music - playing the piano, composing and conducting.
Much of his work is based on the melodies and rhythms of Spanish folk music. His most well known work is 'Suite Iberia' which was originally composed for piano. I own both piano and guitar versions of the music.
One of my favourite pastimes is driving around the mountain roads of the Alpujarras playing the guitar version - John Williams 'Echoes of Spain' CD is a favourite of mine and his interpretations of Albéniz's music perfectly suits the mood on these journeys.

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