Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cabo de Gata - Las Salinas

The Cabo de Gata natural park is really rather splendid. It is one of my favourite areas in the province of Almería. High temperatures and the lowest rainfall in the Iberian Peninsula have created a large semi-desert area but, despite its aridity, it is a nature lover's delight. There are thousands of different species there including the pink flamingo and the rare Italian wall lizard. There are storks, cormorants and kestrels, puffins, oystercatchers and eagles. The extraordinary wealth of wildlife is unbelievable. There are many native species that are unique to the park including the pink snapdragon (antirrhinum charidemi), known locally as the dragoncillo del Cabo, which flowers all year round. Dwarf fan palms are to be found here. They are Europe's only native palms. In the sea, there are grouper, bream, squid and prawn. There are also 260 species of seaweed, which are home to many varieties of crustacean, mollusc and fish.

see more photos of the Cabo de Gata by clicking on the link below:

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